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ARS, Inc provides full commercial purchase and leasing services for both private sector and government agencies.


ARS possesses a unique expertise that allows our clients to make the right decisions when it comes to purchasing single family homes whether using a multiple listing services, HUD programs or other Real Estate-Owned (REO’s) properties. We provide thorough market evaluation, trend analysis, price comparisons, financing alternatives, geographic and environmental data and, coordinate home inspections and contractor selection. Our office and sales staff are highly experienced, well trained and professional.  We possess the most current and up to date housing information, real estate software, training, and business acumen.      


ARS Commercial Real Estate Division operates in the same manner as the Asset Management Division.  That is, while the services are essentially the same, ARS works with both public and private agencies to identify commercial building opportunities whether it is a high rise office building, small office complex or single tenant property.  We offer a full array of services to include purchases and sales, finding tenants, preparing Lease Agreements, assistance with LLC formations, preparing Operating Agreements, and managing all aspects of the property for the owner. 


ARS’s Asset Management Division has significant experience working with real estate investment firms and holding companies.  We offer a full portfolio of options extending from initial investigatory efforts…through purchasing and final closing…to day to day management and oversight…to resale.  


   We provide investment advice based on marketing conditions, acquisition strategies, purchase and sales data, facilities, return on investment, and holding strategies.   We also have significant experience working with licensed and bonded contractors and other service providers. 

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